About Us

We are delighted to introduce ourselves as MEDIEOS LIFE SCIENCES LLP is a specialty pharmaceutical company formed in the year 2015 by a group of extensively proficient pharmaceutical professionals in Jaipur Rajasthan. MEDIEOS LIFE SCIENCES LLP begins operations in the endocrinology segment based on contract manufacturing from the different manufacturers who are engaged in manufacturing for leading companies.

Now we have strong associates with leading manufacturers like AKUMS, IND SWIFT, MADRAS PHARMA, LIFE VISION, DM PHARMA, SKY WELL, ACCENT PHARMA, TRISTAR FORMULATIONS, MSN LABORATORIES, WINDLASS BIOTEC, SYNOKEM PHARMA, MASCOT, WEST COAST, ACME, AKUMS, THEON, RIVERA. To ensure the quality of the product we only manufacture MEDIEOS products in WHO-approved plants only. Working diligently and carefully and bringing together the diversity of their expertise to create a niches market for MEDIEOS niche products.